Former Child of Vontor/Hutt Enforcer


Name: Nucha
Race: Klatooinian
Career: Soldier
Specialization: Sharpshooter

Soak: 4
Wounds: 14
Strain: 11

Brawn: 2
Agility: 4
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 1
Presence: 2

Trained Skills:
Brawl: YG
Gunnery: YGGG
Perception: YG
Ranged Heavy: YYGG
Ranged Light: YYGG
Survival: YG

Sniper Shot:
True Aim
Lethal Blows
Deadly Accuracy (Light)

BROKEN – Light Repeating Blaster (Weapon Harness)
2 Heavy Blasters
Padded Armor



Nucha rebelled against his Hutt slavers, killing Gazorba the Hutt. After that he fled Hutt space. After killing a few patrols of Imperials, whom he thought was the biggest rival gang outside of Hutt space, he was approached by the rebel alliance. After talking with them, Nucha decided that joining up with an aggressive, up and coming, syndicate was going to be more fun than trying to get the humanist Imperials to notice his skills.

The Children of Vontor.

Nucha was born into a secret war that had been simmering for 25,000 years. When the Treaty of Vontor was signed the Klatooinian race became slaves to the Hutt empire. This was actually an agreeable relationship for several thousand years. The Hutts were revered by the Klatooinian’s for their age and wisdom and were happy to serve them. As they become more aware of the Galaxy at large they began to see other races of ancient beings. They also began to question the place the Hutts, and themselves played in this greater galaxy. It was through this thought that the Children of Vontor were born.

For thousands of years the Children of Vontor have existed as a secretive series of cabals working toward the end of Hutt rule. Though they still venerate the Hutts they feel that they have more than overstepped their bounds with the Klatooinian race.

The cabals work in secretive groups of 50 or so members with only five of their members knowing names of members from other cabals. To maintain secrecy the cabal is allowed to act only twice during it’s existence and each of those actions must be at least 20 years apart.

It was twenty years ago that Nucha’s father had been selected to act out. His father stole a cargo ship of exceeding value from Borvo the Hutt. He managed to get it quite a few parsecs out of Hutt space but was still caught up to. Rather than be boarded and killed he crashed his ship planetside killing himself but destroying both the ship and the shipment.

Life was difficult for Nucha during that time. He was only with his mother for a bit longer before being trained as a slave. He showed great aptitude in a variety of physical tasks but shooting was by far his favorite. He would lose himself in his practice, devoting himself to his craft. He did not think of revenge for his father. In fact he didn’t even hate Borvo the Hutt. His father had died serving the ancients and though the ancients had sent him to harm Borvo the hut, Nucha had been told to serve all Hutts until the ancients require something else from him.

Nucha soon began to stand out for his remarkable marksmanship and was sold at auction rather than during a normal sale. Gazorba the Hutt eventually won the bidding and Nucha began a career as her enforcer.

For the first few years he was on the front lines as hired muscle. Nucha quickly found that he enjoyed killing people. Each person killed was a person who could go live with their Ancients. He also enjoyed his work for Gazorba. She wasn’t particularly cruel, by Hutt standards, and very quickly realized Nucha’s potential.

Nucha received a bit of a reputation during his first decade working for Gazorba. He would be brought in to missions of the highest important where a steady hand would make all the difference. The fact that he had such a violent reputation, combined with the fact that he wasn’t particularly social only added to his mystique.

After a botched assassination attempt on Gazorba, no doubt from her family, Gazorba decided that Nucha would be one of her personal body guards.

This promotion was the worst thing that could have happened to Nucha. Sure he was treated better and actually had his own bunk but the work was dreadful. Almost every day was spent in Gazorba’s receiving room watching her business, hoping that some action would happen. There were a few times when he got to gun people down but it was mostly just boring work.

It was during this position that he was contacted by the Children of Vontor and his life was shaken out of it’s rut. He had forgotten about the Children, and even his father. They reached out stating that he had been selected to act for their cabal. That the Ancients had selected him and needed his help. It was the will of the Ancients for him to kill Gazorba the Hutt at the opportune moment. If he survived he was to leave the system and never return to Hutt space.

At first Nucha had a hard time with this information. He had been loyal to Gazorba for years, working for Gazorba is all he had known during his adult life. However the loyalty of Klatooinians runs deep, and Nucha’s true loyalty was to the Ancients. He sent a message agreeing to do this task. He was then informed that Gazorba would have an assassination attempt on her sent from Boorka the Hutt. As usual this was more of a family greeting card rather than a real attempt, but another member of the cabal was going to make sure the assassins were better equipped than expected. When they attack happened it was Nucha’s duty to make sure that Gazorba did not make it out alive.

Later that day the assassin’s arrived. Gazorba had been particularly stressed and upset, which is the only possible reason she didn’t notice Nudcha sweating through his armor.

Nucha followed Gazorba down her escape tunnel. Slithering a bit slower for the shots she had taken. Most of the assassins had been put down with just a few stragglers left.

Nucha walked behind her as she shouted out obscenities in Huttese. He knew this was the moment and lined up his shot blasting apart the head of the fatty slug.

There was a wet plop as she collapsed to the ground. Nucha felt an immediate high, like he hadn’t in years. He couldn’t help but smile behind is full face mask. He quickly went back through the escape tunnel to see Gazorba’s men milling about cleaning up the battle. They were his former allies but he was doing the will of the Ancients and was filled with such bloodthirst that he felt no remorse as he opened up on them.

Nucha left the scene behind and stole the fastest ship that Gazorba had docked.

The next two years Nucha tried to find work but found that outside of Hutt space the biggest crime syndicate was called “The Empire.” In a bit of research, and run ins with them he found that they were for the most part weak and not interested in non-humans. It was during a run in with a group of imperials that turned south, as they tended to do, when Nucha was first approached by the rebel alliance. They had been watching him and had seen him dispatch more than a few patrols before they decided that, as long as they could give him a good target, they would be able to use him. That’s how he was sent to Halcyon.


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