Gir Bura'Tu


Name: Gir Bura’Tu
Duty: Resource Acquisition 10
Motivation: Quest (Vengeance)
Race: Bothan
Career: Diplomat
Specializations: Quartermaster
XP Earned: 5
XP Spent: 5

Soak: 1 (+1 from Heavy Clothing)
Wound Threshold: 11
Strain Threshold: 13
Defense: 0
Encumbrance: 1/6

Brawn: 1
Agility: 2
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 4

Trained Skills
Deception: YGG (-1 Black)
Leadership: YGGG
Negotiation: YYGG (Can spend triumph for +1 success)
Outer Rim: YGG
Skulduggery: YGG (-1 Black)
Streetwise: YGG

Convincing Demeanor 1
Smooth Talker (Negotiation) 1
Know Somebody 1

Light Blaster Pistol (Dam 5, Crit 4, Range Medium, Encum 1, Stun Setting)
Heavy Clothing (+1 Soak)
214 Credits


Gir is the only child of a former supplier for the Republic Navy and his wife— a covert agent of the Bothan spynet— both now deceased. The two were pushed into marriage by other spynet agents primarily so Gir’s mother could have an alibi for spending time around sensitive military locations, supply routes, and so on.

Love did eventually grow between the two, but not until after the rise of the Emperor and the upheavals that followed. As the Republic Navy became the Imperial Navy, Gir’s father was quickly identified as untrustworthy— though more due to his species than any actual evidence of betrayal. He was forcefully reassigned to the outer rim, where he was ordered to, without acknowledging any formal ties to the Empire, begin dealings with bounty hunters, gangsters, and illicit arms dealers. Clearly the Empire still saw the value of the Bothan’s skills, but they didn’t want him around stinking up their core world vision.
Gir’s father was no patriot, but he was no rebel, either. He was content to follow these orders as long as defying them seemed like the greater risk. Weighing on one side was a measure of diplomatic and civil immunity supposedly provided— The Navy ensured him that he could not be held accountable for the illegal dealings he engaged in under their orders.

Now far away from any civilization, Gir’s mother had less and less direct espionage to consume her time and energy. Although his father’s job had now become significantly more dangerous, the lives of both Bothans became much more relaxed. They took solace in one another in a way they never had before, and eventually began a small, loving family, starting with their first— and destined to be only— son.

Gir was raised far outside of civilization, but he nevertheless learned a lot about politics and finance from his father, and individual duty from his mother. As a teenager, he became involved in his father’s trade, and although he was aware that this work was ultimately serving the Empire, he never did pay the ethical implications any mind. His parents were convinced that the business was essential to the family’s survival— a concern far more important than anything else. They weren’t interested in sticking their necks out for anybody, and they imparted this belief onto their son.

Over time, however, actual communication with superiors in the Imperial Navy became less and less frequent. Gir’s father uncharacteristically failed to recognize the omen. Perhaps he was too willing to believe that the Empire had simply decided to leave his family alone. Whatever the case was, he let his guard down, and eventually allowed both himself and his wife to be arrested on charges of aiding traitors and other enemies of the state.

Gir himself managed to escape only because his mother had bid him to flee their home days earlier. From the moment of his birth, she had worked to protect him by meticulously preventing any record of his existence from reaching the Empire. Her last words to him were, “If they come looking for you, run. Do not fight.”

The Governor in charge of the Bothans’ case did not honor the immunity that had been granted to Gir’s father. In fact, with his smug, uncaring smile, he seemed genuinely unaware that such a thing even existed for such non-human scum. Both were sent to a summary execution, where they faced a firing squad alongside nearly a hundred other nameless criminals and traitors.

At least a year went by before Gir could even say with certainty what fate his parents actually faced. Needless to say, emotions run hot when it comes to the Empire these days, and he’s had a hard time taking his mother’s advice. Before long he found his way into the Rebellion, looking to leverage the talents he learned from his father in any way he can.

Gir Bura'Tu

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