Mission Briefing begins

Summary of Findings The Halcyon system is a prime strategic asset to the Empire. The mines of Halcyon II provide material resources for the Empire’s stealth Technologies. The prison world, Halcyon III, houses Rebel operatives with advanced knowledge of the Empire’s strategic defensive capabilities. Additionally, The Watchtower, a space station of unknown origin placed within the system provides unique scientific data, as well as the pressie astrogation coordinates for the system as a whole. Finally, Drazen isle, located on Halcyon Prime, provides the Empire as well as the local government with an important source of tourist revenues and morale. Therefore, Alliance High Command has designated the Halcyon system a high priority target.

Summary of Enemy Capabilities The primary strategic asset to the Empire lies in the difficulty inherent in attempting to navigate to the Halcyon system. Because of the system’s position within a stellar nursery, the gravitational forces of the black-holes ringing the system as well as the interference of the surrounding stellar phenomena, make astrogation without precise gravitational calculations relayed from The Watchtower nearly impossible. Should the Empire suspect a breach of security, The Watchtower will simply cease broadcasting its daily updates. This has the effect of cutting the system off from nearby hyperspace routes.

Additionally, the Imperial Garrison in the area stationed on The Watchtower as well as the prison world of Halcyon III numbers in the thousands. Of particular note is the Shadow Trooper training facility on Halcyon III.

The Imperial Navy maintains a single Imperial-class Star Destroyer in the area, The Crimson Fang. The Star Destroyer is commanded by Admiral Natasha Ty’lone. In addition to its typical compliments of Tie-Fighters, the star destroyer is also the home of the Death’s Head Squadron, an elite squadron providing fast-attack support for the main Imperial force. The Crimson Fang is the only Capital Ship station in the area. The Empire thus relies on its fighter squadrons to protect the system as well as the fire-support provided by The Watchtower.

Summary of Friendly Capabilities An alliance presence has yet to be established in the area.

Mission Parameters Generally, your goals are to: Infiltrate the Halcyon system, foster rebellion against the Empire through any means, organize a local resistance, and finally capture The Watchtower so that the Alliance Fleet may begin mass naval operations and provide planetary bombardment of key Imperial Installations.

Operatives can expect to operate within extremely isolated conditions because of the local gravitational interference. Your team will be dropped into the system via under cover of conventional transport. Because of the unique situation on the ground, the Alliance cannot at this time commit to a schedule of supplies, strategic support, or communications. Chances of success are slim. Strategic importance is high.

Star Wars: Halcyon Rising

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